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The City will restrict physical access in the meeting room to a small number of staff members due to current limitations on public gatherings to prevent further spread of COVID and to protect the health, safety, and welfare of City of Franklin officials, staff, and citizens. Accommodations have been made to ensure that the public is still able to participate in the meeting. The public may participate in the following ways:.

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Мокрая стяжка — это один из самых распространенных способов выравнивания поверхности чернового пола. Она подходит как для влажных, так и для сухих помещений. В этой совете мы рассмотрим основные технологические особенности и этапы создания мокрой стяжки. Одним из ключевых составляющих мокрой стяжки является раствор из песка и цемента.

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The Basics of Text Messaging Campaigns and How to Launch Your Own
The Basics of Text Messaging Campaigns and How to Launch Your Own
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The Basics of Text Messaging Campaigns and How to Launch Your Own - Seventh Gear Communications LLC
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Did you know that text messages have a substantially higher open rate than e-mail? Part of the reason is that text marketing — while very personal — can also be very risky. When an unprompted text comes in, it can really feel like an invasion of privacy. Texting is the most used feature on cell phones, and because of this, there is literally no learning curve to use it versus downloading an app or using a new online interface. And for older customers or clients, texting represents an easy way to interact with your organization without the need to download or view social media graphics, infographics, or other online content. But does it actually work?

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